Mohamed MELEHI, sans titre &/150 x 120 cm, 2014

Mohamed MELEHI, sans titre
150 x 120 cm, 2014

Mohamed MELEHI, sans titre &/Technique mixte sur toile, 120 x 115 cm, 2012

Mohamed MELEHI, sans titre
Technique mixte sur toile, 120 x 115 cm, 2012

Mohamed MELEHI, sans titre &/150 x 135 cm, 2014

Mohamed MELEHI, sans titre
150 x 135 cm, 2014

Mohamed MELEHI, sans titre &/Bois laqué, 100 x 100 cm

Mohamed MELEHI, sans titre
Bois laqué, 100 x 100 cm

Mohamed Melehi belongs to the Hard Edge movement: in 1963 he was exhibited at New York’s MoMA and in 1964 at the Washington Gallery of Modern Art in “The Formalists”. The artist, who will participate both in Art Dubai and Art Paris in March 2015, is an example of Loft gallery’s commitment. In 2011, the gallery enabled the artist to incorporate Centre Pompidou’s permanent collection in Paris. The same year, Melehi also entered Doha’s prestigious Mathaf collection, in Qatar. In 2013, he was the only artist in the Arabian world to participate in the exhibition « Bonjour Monsieur Matisse » at the MAMAC museum in Nice which paid tribute to the master of the fauvism movement – Mohamed Melehi was exhibited alongside Andy Warhol, Basquiat and Niki de Saint Phalle.
Very recently, and as mentionned previously, the exhibition on Moroccan contemporary art at the Institut du Monde Arabe showcased the work of Melehi who was presented as a Modern Art pioneer with Farid Belkahia.
Melehi’s current work is very different from that of the 60s. Nevertheless, it is instantly identifiable: shape is clearly defined by colors and contours, which is typical of New York’s Hard Edge movement back in the 60s. There are no splashes or scratches, Melehi’s works are figurative and retain Islamic and African themes.

Expositions individuelles

Art Paris Art Fair, Solo Show, Grand Palais, Paris
Art Dubai, Modern section, United Arab Emirates
2014 Loft Art Gallery, Casablanca
2012 Meem Gallery, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
2011 Loft Art Gallery managed to incorporate one of Melehi’s works into Centre Pompidou’s permanent collection – the museum is the European reference for Contemporary art works
2010 Loft Art Gallery, Casablanca
2009 Niebla foundation, Casavels, Catalonia, Spain
2008 Linéart gallery, Tangier
2007 Linéart gallery, Tanger
2002 Bab Rouah gallery, Rabat
2002 Matisse Art Gallery, Marrakesh
Retrospective, Bab Rouah gallery, Rabat
Sharjah’s Biennale guest of honor, United Arab Emirates
1996 Roshan Fine Arts Gallery, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
1995 Retrospective, Institut du Monde Arabe, Paris
Duke University Gallery, Durham, North Carolina, USA
World Bank exhibition, Washington D.C. , USA
1985 Alif Ba gallery, Casablanca
1984 Melehi, Recent Paintings, The Bronx Museum of Arts, New York, USA
1980 Al Kasbah gallery, 3rd cultural Moussem, Assilah, Morocco
1975 Nadar gallery, Casablanca
L’Atelier gallery, Rabat
Sultan Gallery, Kuwait
1968 Pecanins gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
1967 Book gallery, Casablanca
Bab Rouah gallery, Rabat
Galerie Municipale, Casablanca
1963 The Little Gallery, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, USA
1962 Trastevere di Topazia Alliata gallery, Rome
1958 The American library, Tangier

Group exhibitions

Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA) exhibition on Moroccan Contemporary art, in Paris. Of all exhibitions on Contemporary art, the one on Morocco is the most popular in the IMA’s history. During the exhibition, a special focus was made on Mohamed Melehi (one of Loft gallery’ artists) who was presented as a Modern Art pioneer along with Farid Belkahia. Loft gallery was one of the main contributors of that exhibition.
Loft Art Gallery pays tribute to Melehi in its book DConnexions, edited for its 5th anniversary
MAMAC contemporary museum in Nice borrows Centre Pompidou’s work of Melehi for its exhibition in honor of Matisse. During the exhibition, Melehi is displayed alongside Andy Warhol and Niki de Saint Phalle.
2012 Loft Art Gallery pays tribute to Mohamed Melehi in its first book Zoom sur les années 60
2011 Black and White, Loft Art Gallery, Casablanca
Marrakesh Art fair
Sculptures, Arcanes gallery, Marrakesh
Société Générale bank exhibition, Casablanca
Signs and landscapes, Loft Art Gallery, Casablanca
Mohamed VI Foundation, Rabat
2006 Alexandria Biennale, Egypt
1989 Moroccan painters in Madrid, Centre Conde Duque, Spain
1988 29 Moroccan painters in Cairo, Egypt
1987 Sao Paolo Biennale, Brazil
1986 Moroccan cultural days, Portugal
10 years at L’Atelier gallery,
Bab Rouah, Rabat
Little formats, Nadar gallery, Casablanca
1967 The World Show, Moroccan pavilion, Montreal international fair, Canada
1966 Belkahia, Chebaa, Melehi, Mohammed V National Theater, Rabat
1965 Knoll international gallery, Rome
1964 The World Show, Washington Square Gallery, New York
Hard Edge and geometric painting and sculpture, Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), New York
3 abstract painters, Bertha Schaefer gallery, New York
The Formalists, The Washington Gallery of Modern Art, Washington D.C. USA
Eight contemporary artists from Rome, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, USA
1962 5 Künstler aus Rom, Suzanne Bollag gallery, Zurich
1960 Art contemporain italien, Institute of Design, Chicago, USA
Alexandria Biennale, Egypt
Deux peintres marocains, Melehi et Gharbaoui, Centro italo-arabo, Rome

Mohamed MELEHI, sans titre &/Technique mixte sur toile, 150 x 120 cm, 2014

Mohamed MELEHI, sans titre
Technique mixte sur toile, 150 x 120 cm, 2014