Amina Rezki was born in 1962, in Tangier. She currently works and lives in Brussels. The artist arrived in Belgium when she was 5 years old and soon developed a great interest for drawings. She studied at Brussels Fine Arts Academy and later devoted her energy to the education of her 8 children. Between 2003 and 2009, she took intensive painting lessons at the Art Academy in Uccle, Belgium. In 2009, famous artist Arié Mandelbaum put a part of its Brussels’ studio at Rezki’s disposal. Three of her works were selected by Wills museum of contemporary arts in Belgium’s capital. Portraits, silhouettes, blurred lines that instantly catch the audience’s attention. Amina Rezki does not belong to any artistic movement nor to any school of thought. She belongs to her own universe, guided by her profound instinct and her quest full of questionings. According to painter Etyene Wery, there are two cultures, two citizenships, two natures thus two lucidities in Amina Rezki’s paintings.

Individual exhibitions

Loft Art Gallery, Casablanca

Artists’ journey, Brussels
Marrakesh Art Fair
Ab gallery, Rabat
Artists’ journey, Brussels
2010  Artists’ journey, Brussels

Group exhibitions

Fine Arts Royal Academy, Brussels
Villa des Arts, Rabat
Espace Magh, Brussels
Loft Art Gallery, Casablanca
Cultural center, Schaerbeek, Brussels
Caravan’Sérail gallery, Ixelles, Belgium
Artists’ House, Anderlecht, Belgium
Espace Repères, Anderlecht, Belgium
L’Usine, Uccle, Belgium