Loft gallery, a major supporter of the Moroccan art scene
Myriem and Yasmine Berrada founded Loft gallery in 2009 in Casablanca. Passionate about Arts, they have continuously supported the Moroccan Art scene both locally and globally. From the very beginning, the two young women have exhibited some of the greatest names of Moroccan Modern Art and contributed to permanent research on local Arts and the history of Modern and Contemporary art in their country.
Modern Art in Morocco may be relatively recent, but it is essential to recognize the global growing enthusiasm for African art, Morocco being no exception to that trend. Morocco’s Modern artists have never been as popular as they are today. They keep on painting in order to endlessly surprise the audience and offer the world a new aesthetic language without negating their Arabo-Islamic roots.
Loft gallery has constantly made extensive research and edited publications about Modern Art in Morocco. Since its creation, the gallery has represented the greatest names of that Modern movement, such as Farid Belkahia, Mohamed Chebaa or Mohamed Melehi. In parallel, it has founded a special program for emergent and talented artists to support a new generation of Moroccan artists.
Loft Art Gallery has always looked to provoke the largest interest possible in Arts locally and has continuously believed in the Moroccan art potential globally. And today, this interest in the Moroccan art scene is real. Ample evidence of this is the recent success of the Institut du Monde Arabe (IMA) exhibition on Moroccan Contemporary art, in Paris. Of all exhibitions on Contemporary art, the one on Morocco is the most popular in the IMA’s history. During the exhibition, a special focus was made on Mohamed Melehi (one of Loft gallery’ artists) who was presented as a Modern Art pioneer along with Farid Belkahia. Loft gallery was one of the main contributors of that exhibition.

Loft gallery, a partner of some of the greatest international institutions
Loft Art Gallery, a partner of some of the greatest international institutions
For six years now, the gallery has been working in close relations with major global artistic institutions. The aim of the gallery has always been to promote Moroccan art internationally – Modern and Contemporary works combined.
Mohamed Melehi, who will be exhibited in March 2015 at Art Dubai and at Art Paris, is an example of Loft gallery’s commitment. In 2011, his artist Melehi incorporated Centre Pompidou’s permanent Collection, in Paris.
The same year, Melehi also entered Doha’s prestigious Mathaf Collection, in Qatar.
In 2013, the artist was the only artist in the Arabian world to participate in the exhibition « Bonjour Monsieur Matisse » at the MAMAC museum in Nice which paid a tribute to the master of the fauvism movement.
During that exhibition, Mohamed Melehi was exhibited alongside Andy Warhol, Basquiat or Niki de Saint Phalle.
Very recently, and as mentionned previously, the exhibition on Moroccan Contemporary art at the Institut du Monde Arabe showcased the work of Melehi who was presented as a Modern Art pioneer alike Farid Belkahia.